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Arbor Springs Water Company was founded in Ann Arbor in 1926. Itís purpose was to provide spring water to the area, which was infamous in its own way for hard and corrosive water. In 1933, the company was working hard and delivering about 4,000 gallons a week in Model T trucks and helped by other drivers from the Artificial Ice Company. The business dropped off to about 2,000 gallons weekly after the city installed softening and purification systems. A distilled water product was added to further serve industrial customers. In the 40ís Arbor Springs served the infant Willow Run bomber plant with over 100 coolers as it was being built and operations started.
The company was purchased by new owners in 1972. The company has grown along with the Ann Arbor area and the bottled water industry across the country. Now, the company primarily serves offices and industrial users with coolers, spring and purified water. A second location was opened in Ferndale in 1978 to service Southeast Michigan East of I-275.

Member of the International Bottled Water Association
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